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The Real Estate Market

There are home buyers out there, and they are buying houses, and they are buying them with little or no movement in all around them.

Here’s how it works.

The entire real estate market in the United States is stagnant. All the money that we as a nation and consumers have been dished out on mortgage debt is slowly beginning to be absorbed into real estate.

That means that there are massive amounts of money sitting idle in the real estate market waiting for an opportunity to grow.

There are income tax reductions, new consumer-friendly legislation, and interest rates being offered at decreased amounts to stimulate the economy. While all this is going on the average home-buyer is feeling like they got stuck in the mud.

Due to the recent crash in the real estate market, mortgage loans are harder to get, and therefore the money is locked in.

The depression stacked homes on top of each other in homes in foreclosure, and in some counties, they are not being sold at all. All of these basic economic realities have created a virtual paradigm shift in how home-buyers are viewing the real estate market.

If you are a home-buyer, the opportunity for you is now, more than ever.

And that means opportunity. As a practical matter, that means that any act of even modest financial self-discipline now is an opportunity, because it shows movement in the right direction. If the foreclosure calls are answered with a foreclosure letter, and the homes are moved out of inventory and are sold right away, as an economic move the economic scale is just as large as the number of homes in inventory.

Financial movements tend to show trends – the one government-run program has shows signs of life.

The fact that home-buyers, and home-sellers, are now able to buy or sell homes without feeling like they are underwriters of a giant moving truck, is sure to lead to a slow down in the overall real estate market.

As a practical matter, this means that at the technical end of the business there is no pressure for home-buyers to act quickly, in order to market a house.

And home-sellers are ready for the next big move in real estate. Repairs can be done and, on the flip side, the house can be listed without the huge dumpster space that a foreclosed house requires.

All this means that the time for the part-timers is passed.

Sure, the market looks daunting. The lines are long. Homes look old. But if you are a part-time seller of real estate in the current climate, now is the time to go where the money is.

You can go with the flow. The money will come. The more you prepare the quicker you will find it.

Final thoughts. There is a new army of real estate investors in these uncertain times. If you are prepared, there should be no problem closing the deal if you have a good deal between you and an owner willing to work.

It’s time for the Test Drive.

If you want to be a part-time seller of real estate you will have to learn to work harder and learn to survive on evenings and weekends, days that are not transferable.

But yes, there is an opportunity for home-buyers to pick up where you left off.

The best time to buy is today before the new faces of the real estate industry take hold. The greatest real estate deal that will ever be made in your life will be made today!